My Journey

Decision made!

That’s it! I’ve made the first step to a healthier me! No, I’m not an 8 stone health freak that is constantly in the gym (although they are amazing and I wish I had even 3% of their willpower and commitment! No, I have made the decision to go to Slimming World! So many of my friends do this and have lost upwards of 4 stone, so I figure even I should be able to do this……..right??

I don’t want to end up with all sorts of different health problems, Diabetes etc. I need to take control and put things right whilst I can. I’ve had Cancer and thankfully after surgery, I’ve made a full recovery. It’s been 2 years now since I had the call that said I was cancer free. My weight has increased since then. I didn’t care what I ate, I was just happy to be here!

Well, I have now made the first step, I called my local rep, Tony. He gave me a little information and is looking forward to meeting me tomorrow………I wish I could say the same (no offence Tony)!

I’m worried about lots of things. Who will be there, will they be just like me, will I be judged, will those scales be big enough to weigh me……..what do I actually weigh! It’s been so long since I stood on those scales, it’s scary.

I’m worried about my willpower and commitment too. They say that preparation is the key. I have spent all week trying to get my head round the plan. I’ve spoken to family and friends, they all have different opinions which will be great, I hope!

It seems so complicated! Free foods, speed foods, super speed foods, healthy A, healthy B, Syns……………do I need a degree to be able to follow this? I like things simple and I don’t want to give my brain a reason to fail at this!

I never eat 3 full meals a day either, this is going to be very hard for me. Not just to eat those meals, but what to have! I don’t have breakfast or lunch. I can’t help thinking that I am going to spend my whole time in the kitchen. I’m not the cook in this relationship, thankfully. If cooking were left to me, I don’t think that I would need Slimming World! I need to find some quick and easy meals. I’m hoping to get lots of these tips from my group tomorrow.

It’s less than 24 hours until I walk through those doors…………………….wish me luck!!!

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