My Journey Slimming Group

Those Doors!

I did it! I walked through the community centre and into the Slimming world group! Taking that step wasn’t as hard as I first imagined either.

I was instantly greeted by the Slimming World consultant, Tony. He took me off to a new members area. He spent about 10 minutes with me and two other new members. We went through food optimising and the science behind this. This was great for me! I can follow any instructions, but I will struggle if I don’t know why I am doing it! Tony advised me to write a food diary, so that he could make sure each week, that I was on the right track. A food diary is harder than you can imagine too! I have to remember to fill it in every day as I eat. I have to list anything that passes my lips and into my mouth.

After this, I went into group. Nobody spoke to me, I really felt like the newbie too! I listened as the group were spoken to individually about their weight losses for that week. It was great to hear others giving advice and suggesting recipes too. I’m sure that after a few weeks of getting to know me, that I will get that support too. It seems like a friendly group. I could tell that there were two kinds of group within that room. There were the Target members on one side of the room and the strugglers on the other! It was great to hear those Target members encouraging the others though. They were helping them to balance things out and discuss Syns etc.

After everyone had left, Tony took me to those scales…………for my first weigh in! This wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be (although bad enough)! I had only put on 3lbs since my surgery……..two years of eating what I liked because I was just happy to be here, hadn’t really added to my weight. This made me feel elated, I suddenly felt an inner strength. I instantly made a target for myself…….I have 7 stones and 4 lbs that I want to lose. I made myself an interim target, which I know I will be elated when I get to it! To get to that will mean a loss of 3lbs 11 in total.

I made a 7 day menu, I didn’t want to be wondering what to have for dinner and then venture off the plan because it was difficult. This has worked brilliantly for me too. I know what I am having for each meal on each day…… wandering off!

Well, my first weigh in is in two days time…………………..let’s hope that I have been doing this right! My aim is 3lbs, anything higher, I will be thrilled, anything less………well, that doesn’t bear thinking about!

Wish me luck…….again!!

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