My Journey Slimming Group

It’s a good start!

It’s been nearly 5 weeks now since I started the road to a new and improved me!

I seemed to be a bit of a slow starter. You hear all these stories of people joining and losing upwards of 8lbs or more, some even a stone, in their first week! Not me, this person here lost 2.5lbs! Staying to group is so very important though, I got great support and advice. The following week I lost another 2.5lbs and this happened!!!

This made me very determined! Working out what is right or wrong is difficult though, I guess it is going to be a learning game. Life happens though and you have to live it! I am going away next week on a work trip to California and I am slightly worried about how to stay to plan. If anyone has any ideas…….please feel free to share! I will do the best that I can, just got to remember to have speed foods with anything that I choose…….these really are the key! I was eating bananas, these are my favourite food. They are a free food, so that is great. However, I would eat 2 or 3 a day as snacks! As there was no speed food being taken at the same time, I feel like this slowed down the weight loss to start with. So now, my snack foods are oranges or apples!

Last week was a great week at group, I got this!!half-stone

The feeling that gave me was incredible! I knew this was it……..this was the start…….there is no going back!


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