My Journey

Disneyworld did not defeat me!

WOW!! What an amazing holiday! 2 whole weeks staying at Disney’s Yacht Club in Orlando, Florida.

Realising that we had the Disney dining plan scared me to be honest. How was I ever going to stick to plan?? Well, the honest truth was that I couldn’t! I was very good having fruit and/or oats for breakfast and a salad for lunch…..with any dressing on the side of course. I made sure that I had plenty of speed foods with these 2 meals of the day also. Dinner was totally different though. I couldn’t resist the amazing cocktails that we had. After all, this was a special holiday that the whole family had booked to celebrate a few things. This was to celebrate my 50th birthday…sssshhhhhhhh. Also, my 30th wedding anniversary and my daughter’s 10th wedding anniversary!


The food all looked amazing, but I tried to stick to plan where I could! I avoided the desserts on the first week, but I succumbed to them in the second!


We walked, on average, 8-10 miles on most days. These were the days that we walked around the parks. So, I think this helped to shake off those cocktails!

I got straight back on plan as soon as cam home and went to group. I was very shocked that I had lost 2lbs though. This now takes my total to 1st 10lbs. I would never have believed this was possible back in August when I first started this journey.

Have faith in yourself and trust yourself!!

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