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Christmas weight has now gone!

It was weigh day Wednesday! I went to group hoping and praying that I had done enough to lose the 4.5lbs gain from Christmas. I had been 100% focused, filled out my fantastic book from my daughter (Christmas gift) every day. 

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Meal plan was filled out and every Syn noted and recorded. I had been determined! The time came to step on those scales, I told my consultant to be kind to me and was reminded it is all in my hands, nobody else’s! Well, what a shock!! I had lost SEVEN POUNDS!! Yes, 7lbs!! Christmas weight was well and truly gone now! I was thrilled and over the moon! Now to keep that loss going! Can I lose another half a stone…….it looks possible! I just need to keep focused and not let anything stand in my way! A tricky week ahead, it is my son’s birthday and we are all getting together for a huge family meal! This means alcohol and birthday cake! If I want to lose another half a stone, I have to work around those Syns, that means less Syns on other days……Flexi Syns! Does that work……….watch this space to find out!!

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