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New target aim starts here!

It was my son’s birthday on Sunday and we all went out for a family meal. We went to our local carvery as that would be easier for everyone, 2 of us are doing Slimming World, so meat and veg…..what could go wrong!! 14 of us for dinner, it’s always good when we get together as a family, you must always treasure those moments ‚̧¬†Everybody lives very busy lives now, so it’s a tricky one to organise!

So, to the carvery…….all the meat cooked in fat, no option there, just made sure that I cut the excess fat off. No Yorkshire puddings for me, they are quite high in Syns and these ones were huge! Lots of vegetable choices, however, they were all cooked in fat, butter or cream! YIKES!! I did my best, but knew I would perhaps pay for this. I followed this with the tiniest bit of birthday cake. I had no extra Syns that day, so I hoped that would cover it! The next day, I had less Syns, in the hope that Flexi Syns would help.

Weigh day Wednesday today! I expected a maintain after the meal on Sunday, but I was pleasantly surprised! I had lost 1lb, those sensible choices and thoughts of flexi Syns obviously stood me in good stead!

So, another pound gone, this takes me 1lb closer to my new target. 4.5lbs to go now. I am determined to do this, no matter how long it takes. I’m happy to lose 1lb a week if that is what it takes to do it.

This week ahead, I am lucky enough to be going to the National TV Awards again. This is a great evening with some of my colleagues from work. The evening will start at an Italian restaurant, last time they were great and gave me an oil free dinner, you just need to ask in restaurants. They are always accommodating, I tell them I have allergies, it works!! Then it will be champagne galore! So, I need to remember that it is approximately 5 Syns per 125ml, three glasses of those and that’s my limit! The trouble is, once I have had 3 glasses, the bubbles have gone to my head and all common sense leaves my brain! In fact it runs away extremely quickly!

Filling out my planner daily is really helping too! It’s great at the end of the week to see your achievements. It’s amazing how I forget by the end of the week, what my aims were at the beginning of that same week! It’s great to look back on and feel proud. These are non scale victories, things that help towards making you feel proud of your losses. I’ve had lots of those along the way…..dropping dress sizes, watching the inches on the tape measure get less, the doctor asking if I have meant to lose weight etc……..they make me feel amazing!

These are my goals for this week ahead………I CAN TOTALLY DO THIS!!


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