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Sugar Free February!

Here we are, it’s the 01st February! How did that happen already? Saying goodbye to January!

January was all about getting over Christmas, February is all about detoxing from the all the sugar that I digested in December and continued to have in January. The thing with sugar is that it is addictive! It was hard to get over Christmas as I had regained my love and taste for sugar! The way I have decided to get rid of that is to take on Sugar Free February! This is all about cutting out added sugars and refined sugars found in processed foods. Not that hard you would think, after all, I am doing the Slimming World diet! WRONG!! Watch the quick vlog I made about a tiny amount of things that were in my cupboard! What an eye opener! WHO would have thought that added sugar would be in stock!! I’m glad that I did empty those cupboards too. Being sugar free needs the same preparation that any successful diet needs. So, those things have been put to the back of the cupboards and new shopping has been done!

Please click here to watch the video!


Whilst detoxing from those sugars, I decided to also raise money for Cancer Research. We all know someone whose life has been affected by this awful disease and I would like my sponsorship money to be put towards finding a way to detect Cancer early enough to save lives. Early detection is crucial! Every penny we raise could be that penny needed to save someone’s life! PLEASE donate if you can, by clicking here!

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