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New target is so close!

Only half a pound to lose to get to my new target. It seems so close, yet so far away! I only needed that half a pound last week, but after a great week, I maintained! I had been 100% on plan, so it seemed unfair. However, it just shows me how close I am and the old saying is very true….good things come to those that wait!

It does test you though! If I have learnt anything about myself on this journey it’s this………I have willpower and determination! Maintaining on a 100% week could have sent me downhill. Yes, I was frustrated when I first stepped on those scales last week, however, it filled me with inner smiles. Sounds crazy right?!?! It isn’t! It showed me how close I really am to my new target and how my body is really happy being at this weight! This gave me a huge spur! So, here I am, 2 days before weigh in feeling ecstatic and hopeful! I’ve done everything I can again this week, so I’m hoping that does pay off this week!

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