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I did it! I got that new target!

Another 100% week on plan! As I stepped on those scales, I told my consultant if I had not lost that half a pound this week, the whole of the town would hear me scream! No need for screaming, I’d lost 2.5lbs! Amazing! I could have cried with relief, joy and happiness all in one! Instead, I cheered, as did my group! They could see what I had just achieved, they had been on this journey with me.

That’s what is great about staying to group, the support from the members is indescribable. Week in, week out, we all help each other, give tips, share experiences and recipes. I have made many friends in group, they are all on the same journey, some for different reasons, but we all have the same goal.

Now to try to maintain this weight! I think this is as hard as losing it. The reason for that is I now have to adapt a little, otherwise I may carry on losing weight. To start with, I may just try adding an extra Hex B every other day, I will let you know how that is going. I tried having extra, every day, last time I got to target and that made me put weight on. The first few weeks of being at target are a learning curve, but I will get there!

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