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Week one weigh in…..

One whole week on plan has felt amazing! You forget how healthy you feel when you are on plan. It is like you have had a body cleanse!

Week one has gone great. I was under 10 Syns on 6 days out of seven and was not bothered by this. I think I had enough treats at Christmas to last me a few months!

I started the week off correctly by planning. I find this really helps me because I’m not sat at 5pm after work, wondering what to cook. If I do this, I would pick at other things, not necessarily good things! So, food planner was out. I worked out what main meals I would have every day. Each dinner time, if there was food left over, instead of eating it, I put it into a tub and froze it for lunch the next day. By doing this, I was naturally cutting my portion sizes down too.

After a full day at work, it is natural to sit on the sofa and watch TV. This is a danger zone for me, so I had to make myself very aware of this! I did find, that by filling myself up on my three meals during the day, I was less likely to fall into this trap. Fruit is my go to first, after that I have some treats that are ready in the cupboard, I know the Syns of these in advance too, so this is helpful.

So, here we are, one week down, TEN POUNDS lighter and my half stone award!

I couldn’t have asked for a better start to journey 2 🙂

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